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Bil'in Demo

Dozens of People Suffer from Tear gas, Sound bombs and Rubber Coated Steel
Bullets on the First Friday of Ramadan.

The Bil'in Popular Committee Against the Wall yet again led the weekly
civilian  demonstration against the apartheid wall, after local Palestinians
prayed Jummah on the first Friday of Ramadan.  Fifty international
supporters along with Israeli activists joined non-violent Palestinian
demonstrators to protest the Israeli occupation. Together, they marched with
Palestinian flags and posters of political prisoners from the village, many
arrested through night raids. These prisoners have mostly been arrested for
the sole "crime" of being active organizers in the non-violent popular

As the demonstrators marched towards the apartheid fence, they chanted
phrases to stop the construction of the wall that is annexing land from
Bi'iln in order for Israel to build illegal settlements.  When the
demonstrators reached the apartheid fence, large numbers of Israeli soldiers
were waiting armed with weapon and riot gear.  After protestors and the
Israeli army met face to face, the soldiers began shooting tear gas and
sound bombs into the crowd.  They continued to shoot tear gas up on the hill
where spectators thought they were in safe range.  Eventually, the IDF ran
into part of the crowd and began shooting rubber coated steel bullets.   One
Israeli woman was hit by a tear gas  canister in her leg.  Dozens suffered
from tear gas inhalation as soldiers attempted to arrest demonstrators.
However, nobody was arrested.  The demonstration lasted about two hours, and
huge success considering multiple protestors were fasting for Ramadan.

Iyad Burnat-
Bil'in Popular Committee
Email- ibel3in@yahoo.com


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