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Justification for a two-state solution:
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Although I firmly believe that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories MUST end NOW, I also think that it's important to look at HOW the occupation came about in the first place; For starters, when the state of Israel was established in 1948, several Arab states invaded Israel, and the WEST BANK and GAZA STRIP were seized by Jordan and Egypt. In 1967, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria poised their troops at the ready on Israel's borders for an attack. The Israelis launched a pre-emptive strike against Egypt. Jordan and Syria, hereby seizing Sinai, WEST BANK, GAZA STRIP, GOLAN HEIGHTS, and EAST JERUSALEM, which, unfortunately has had disastrous consequences for Israel overall. Having said all this, I believe that the fault also lies with the Arab states, who believed that the new state of Israel would be destroyed, and used the Palestinians as pawns to attempt to do so. I also believe that the Arab States also played an important part in the lack of a Palestinian sovereign state. Nonetheless, i believe that the occupation must end NOW

I believe that the ONLY safe, sane solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a TWO-state solution: the Jewish-majority State of Israel, and a Palestinian Arab State ALONGSIDE Israel

that is comprised of the WEST BANK, GAZA STRIP and EAST JERUSALEM, for several reasons:

A.) The birthrate of the Arabs is much, much higher than that of the Israeli jews, and Israel would lose its jewish majority in a short time.

B.) The occupation of the WEST BANK, GAZA STRIP and EAST JERUSALEM, with the building of settlements and housing demolitions, etc, by Israel is extremely harmful to both Israel and the Palestinians alike. It must end immediately.

C.) Israel cannot rely solely on military prowess for survival(in fact, no society can) Israel's survival, especially at this point, depends on a political settlement/agreement with the Palestinians, culminating in the Israeli withdrawal from WEST BANK, GAZA, and EAST JERUSALEM.

D.) The Palestinians are held in fear and contempt by everyone else in the region. Israel CAN'T absorb them for obvious reasons,

and they are NOT wanted by any of the Arab countries.

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