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To those too azy reading the long article here is the summary
author: AMR

To Daniella and anybody else that found my previous, detailed article on the Security/ Separation Fence issue too long….

OK, let’s strip the background and concentrate on the core issues.

Please follow my logic regarding the need in the Security / Separation Fence….

1. The terror is the biggest hurdle and first level of interruption for peace chances(it is and always been)

2. The IDF staying in the territories is the second level of hurdling to the peace

3. The IDF cannot evacuating the territories due to concerns about the terror being on the boarders of Israel after the evacuation (in much better position to bomb population this time)

4. The Security / Separation Fence can stop most of the personal terror therefore will provide the justification for the IDF to evacuate the Palestinians territories.

5. Stropping the terror will allow Israel to make more concession to the Palestinian

6. Stopping the personal terror will stop the legitimation the Hamas and Islamic Jihad are enjoying these days in the Palestinian street


8. IDF’s evacuation of the territories will allow the Palestinians to negotiate peace with Israel in a rational manner

9. Stopping the personal terror (Again, by having the Security Fence) will make the Palestinians stopping missile and mortar fire on Israel in a much more efficient manner.

10. The Fence should be stretched along the 1967’s “Green Line”

11. Those that being damaged by the Fence’s built up line should be compensated

12. The Fence is not the ultimate mean for stopping the terror and / or peace; it is the compromise of necessities.

13. At its core, the Security / Separation Fence will contribute much to the chances for peace in our region; this will be the Peace Fence.

I hope that will allow of better understanding of the logic behind the Security Fence being built these days.

Only those that are interesting in responding rationally and to the point are invited to respond to these points above.

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