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Here is the Security Fence reasoning
author: AMR

Due to some one sided, unbalanced voices here against the Separation Fence, it is time to put this issue in its place.

First is first… The Separation Fence (factually more then 90% of the fence is a fenced system and only slightly more then 5% is a Wall) is having the biggest chance of Israel to achieve a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

The Fence, as well, has the biggest chances of bringing peace and independent homeland to the Palestinians.

Let’s proceed and say that those that are opposing the fence are divided for three camps:

1. The Israeli far Left.

2. The Palestinians - the militants of them

3. The world hallucinated Left

I would like to say upfront that based on the opposeres’ kind of people it obvious, up front, that Israel must be doing something very positive due to the opposeres’ tendency to omit the Israel’s security reasoning behind the Fence all in all.

You could call the Fence many names but you can not ignore the simple fact that its existence will improve much Israel’s ability to defend itself.

The Far-Left’s people that are opposing the separation fence showing up clearly their opposition to the Israel’s security needs.

Those people are that much occupied with their own misconception that only proving a point, their point, eliminating the Israeli state for the sake of “One state for Two Nations” concept, they are willing to advocate for the killing of more Israeli citizens people

On that later on…

The notion that the “””Occupation””” is the reason for the terror attacks on Israel is long already unwarranted.

It is only a nice reasoning by Palestinian terrorists and their Israeli supporters to justify their murderous acts.

Never mind that on the same talking they are advocating for the total elimination of Israel.

“Occupation” and the “Elimination of Israel” are mixed together and are representing the desires of the Palestinian militants to destroy Israel first and foremost.

The “Reasoning”: The “Occupation” is portrayed and absorbed very “nicely” on the mind of Israel inherited haters, like some very known European countries, and by the majority of the world soft-minded hallucinated Left that is funded openly by the leader of the “Free World”: Saudi Arabia (and not so long ago Iraq as well).

For those who may forget already I would like to remind the 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th Palestinian murderous acts against uninvolved Israeli civilians (30th and 40th in then Palestine).

The reasoning?

The number of Jews during the 30th and the 40th was small in compare to the Arab population, further; Jews were settled only on lands that were purchased legally from Arab inhabitance of Palestine.

Yet Arab militants (Read…Muslim militants) were attacking Jews…

The Jews were perceived as the New Crusaders therefore it was the Palestinians Muslim leaders’ ‘Patwa-call’ for their elimination.

It is clear that the Palestinian leadership is marketing the “Occupation Reasoning” for internal and external proposes.

It is obvious that they are very successful in playing the “Western Conscious” that is pretty sensitive to the connotations of occupation (The Nazi trauma among others).

Nevertheless the “Occupation” in fact is only one face of the real Palestinian problem.

In reality the Palestinians are and always been the spear-head of the Arab countries’ concept of eliminating Israel.

Israel is posing a big threat on the totalitarians Arab countries.

Israel is the constant reminder in the Middle East that “It” could be done differently. That Democracy is not a bad word…. that democracy is inheritantly with better chances to flourish and act to the favor of its people.

Israel is the sword in the hand of the Arab intelligencia against its inconsiderate rulers. Israel is the red cloth in front of the Muslim bull.

Therefore Israel must be eliminated….and who is better then the Palestinians to be used against Israel.

The refugees’ problem created on 1948 by (if to measure “Guilt” here) about 90% Arab countries (That invaded Palestine in a declared intention to throw ALL Jews in Palestine to the sea) that encouraged the Palestinians to leave Palestine until the elimination of the Jews there…. and about 10% of Palestinians that were forced to leave Palestine by the victorious Hagana, the pre-IDF Jewish military organization.

In numbers we can estimate the problem as…out of 600.000 Palestinians refugees about 60.000 were forced out by the Hagana and about 540.000 left on their own.

it is true that the Palestinians did not like it either, they have left from the fear of their leaders that , directed by the Arab countries - primarily Syria, Jordan and Egypt , ordered them to evacuate, but that is not the Israel’s problem.

The Arab countries kept the Palestinian refugees on the world agenda for more then 50 years in one goal in mind….preserving the Palestinian Problem as the spear head of Israel’s destruction.

The funny thing here is that I do not believe that the Israel’s destruction is on the Palestinians’ population majority’s minds, though it is on the Palestinians organization militant’s minds, that is a sure thing.

The destruction of Israel is definitely on the Palestinians leaders’ minds, directed by the Arab Leagues and others militants’ organizations within the Arab world (Primarily Muslim organizations).

Israel’s stay in the Palestinians territory is bad for Israel as well as for the Palestinians… that is a sure thing.

Sooner or later (Israel has to get out of the territories). Most of the Israeli population and its leadership are in agreement about this point.

Sure enough, the militants among the Israelis, the far Right are opposing this notion but they are already in the minority.

Israel has recognized about 10 years ago with Oslo Accord that the Palestinians territories has to be evacuated from the IDF presence.

Unluckily that Oslo accord was not supporting the original notion of certain Arab countries of the destruction of Israel.

The rest is well known, the Palestinian militant organizations open in terror offensive that dismantled the Oslo Agreement and was throwing the Middle East into another circle of violence.

Prior to that and after those events, Israeli and Palestinians moderates were trying to come to some sort of agreements to end the violence and open the gate for peace talks.

It is well known, again, that “The Palestinians never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity”, it seems that the pressure of the Palestinian militants and the opposing Arab countries was too heavy to bear by the moderate peace seekers among the Palestinians.

So here we are, a dead lock, a circle of violence,,,Right?

WRONG. It is not have to be that way.

If terror will diminish then the Israeli government will be free of making concessions to the Palestinians.

Sure, some time period free of terror must be carry on; a mutual trust period must be maintained for a while.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that the IDF will have no reason to stay in the West Bank and the Gaza strip once no Palestinian terror is in existence, Right?

Well, almost correct, but not entirely…. Israel can not afford to expose it Soft-Bally, the flat shores of mid-Israel to the Palestinians militants’ terror attack that as it was going up to now and considering that the basic Israel’s elimination intention by some Arab countries remained intact, it is sure to come one way or another.

The terrorists already showed and proved that nobody can take their word for granted. We must add more then a grain of salt to anything they are saying.

If Israel will evacuate the Palestinians territories without making sure that the Palestinian Terror attacks will face hard times bombing Israel, then, naturally, Israel now will have the same militant terror much closer to Tel Aviv and other Israeli major cities.

This time the terror organizations will be much better equipped to infiltrate the worse terror inside Israel.

Israel will become most likely an hostage in the hand of its worst enemies…The Muslim militants Palestinians terror organizations.

NOW we are coming at last to the Separation Fence.

Assuming (and I am urging Israel to take this initiative) that the separation Fence is going along side the Green Line (with some minor, compensated corrections), then what is the reason to oppose the Fence?

UNLESS…OBVIOUSLY… you are trying to infest terror inside Israel….

That exactly the point, that exactly the reason the militant Palestinians and the Palestinian leaders are opposing the Fence and advocating its elimination over the whole wide world.

It is clear to any Palestinians strategists that the ability of the Palestinian terror to move the terror and bombing over the fence into 1967’s Israel will be crippled severely.

The Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad will loose their validity in the Palestinian street.

The Palestinian leaders will loose their grip on Israel, loosing many, many points in the future negotiation. Make no mistake here; I am explicitly saying that the Palestinian leaders, even of those considered moderates, are in a full realization that the Palestinian terror is giving them hand-over, “Nice” advantage over Israel in their effort to achieve better terms from Israel in any existing and future boarders and rights negotiation.

Some of them are supporting it openly, like Arafat, and some behind the curtains like Dahlan.

We have established the key issue that is preventing peace’s progress in our region - the Palestinian terror - and immediately after that the evacuation of the IDF from the Palestinian territories.

We have established as well that the IDF can not evacuate the Palestinian Territories without the minimal means to prevent this terror of returning in much larger droves.

The obvious mean that will help Israel to maintain reasonable quality of life after the IDF evacuated the territories is the SEPERATION FENCE.

Do not misunderstand me, I am not claming that the Fence is the ultimate solution to the Palestinian terror, of coarse not, claiming that is a nonsense.

In our time Missiles and mortars are very much available and the Fence will not stop those, that is a sure thing.

One thing for sure, the Fence will diminish and high chances that it may stop entirely the suicide bombing.

Evacuating the IDF from the Palestinians territories will present a higher validity of the Palestinian Government.

Governments are able to stop missile and mortars firing, governments hardy can and could stopping determined militant suicide bombers, the Fence could….

The Fence, therefore, is having the chance to diminish the most crucial issue that is rocking the Israeli society, the suicide bombing.

The fence will contribute much more then halting suicide bombing. The fence will open the Israeli government options to be more generous to the Palestinians, creating better momentum towards peace by easing hardships on the Palestinian population….and making the Palestinian more open for concessions, essentially creating the Snow-Ball’s momentum towards peace.

Eliminating the terror will narrow to Nil the Israeli need in retaliation in response to the suicide bombing, saving Palestinian and Israeli lives as a result.

As I hinted above, the Fence may narrow down some other options of the Palestinian government, primarily, its ability to press Israel for more concessions that Israel did not meant doing for the Palestinian in the first place.

Well, if our choice is between eliminating Palestinian terror and saving Israelis lives and narrowing choices to the Palestinians, our choice is clear, dump the terror.

To all those among us the Israelis and the International community alike that are fantasizing about eliminating the Separation Fence all in all……..

Yes, in a perfect world we do not need fences, we may not need even states and we could live without national desires, religions, sects and others.

This is not a perfect world, the reason is simple: our world is assembled with PEOPLE.

As long as we have to deal with people we can not expect a perfect world.

After all we can not destroy the human race in order to achieve our utopia: the perfect world.

Therefore we have to accept some voids with our human race, remembering that the advantage of our race topping ten times our voids.

In this perfect world we do not need the Separation Fence; we are forcing to erect it due to the facts of life, the Palestinian terror.

We have no chance, whatsoever; to change our nature or our neighbors’ nature, therefore we have to take all means possible in our hands while recognizing those voids.

One of those means is ERECTING the SEPERATION FENCE.

The Separation Fence is creating misery among some Palestinians, we know that and wishing this suffering will not be ignored.

Israel should compensate those that being damaged by the Fence erection. Israel should make all arrangements to ease the burden on those Palestinians In those cases where no compensation is possible.

Israel should stretch the Separation Fence along the 1967’s Green-Line.

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