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A bunch of little potties calling the Kettle
author: Effendi (


It is amazing to me to hear yet another Zionist whinning about being discriminated against. No one else in the world has ANY rights in israel unless your a full blown zionist. No one in the world can make any opinion known about the behavior of the zionists without being called Anti-Semetic. I just don't understand how you can complain when people treat you like that, yet you live your entire lives like that to Everyone else?. You would not allow (unclean, heathens) into your areas of higher learning, why should the world smile on you? You want fair treatment for yourself, yet are unwilling to offer it to anyone else.

You are the ones that create the seperation between yourselves and everyone else in the world. You are the ones that promote racial purity stronger than ANYONE since Hitler. Yet you cry when no one wants to play with you anymore. You make your bed, you lie in it. Personally I wouldn't trust one of you one inch. I wouldn't trust you in my home, or with my family or in my schools. For the protection of those I love, I would do to you EXACTLY what you do to innocent Palestinians. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. When you can learn to treat others with respect, then others might respect you. Until then. don't be surprised when the world slams the door on you. Once bitten twice shy!!


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