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to with all due respect (none)
author: Shirl

First of all I appreciate that kind respect evaluation I deserve...U sure know how to compliment a woman baby


I didn't get your point... :)

I was born and raised in Israel, and was NEVER EVER taught to hate any person whose religion, skin color or "race" is different than mine. In fact My school regularly met with Arab groups.

I feel very bad for the innocent Arabs who truly want to live peacefully, on their piece of land, that is totally understandable, but naturally, I feel I am attacked by most of them. Why should Ipay for the fact that my grandparents decided to move to Israel, what about me? Should I be kicked outa the only home I know because those who u consider to be the original residents ran away, or sold their property? Not to mention that the city I live in was legally bought by a Jewish person, therefore it is completely legal for me to live there, yet if a person who lives in this city gets killed in a suicide bobing, who is going to pay for that?

Arguing Israeli politics with someone who doesnt live in Israel seems a bit pointless to me, I am sorry, yes you do have a say in the matter, but obvioulsy only to a certain extent.

I don't think you got the whole picture, and I dont believe you want to, but that is your choice, simply as it is mine to have my own opinions, and as I mentioned before the variety of opinions among Israelis is great, which a mon avis validates almost each and one them.

Anyways, I didn't underatand ur response, were u trying to justify those terrible school books? and if yes, why?


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