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Make me cry baby!
author: Shirl

Who said anything about westernization??? Did I mention the ARAB WORLD is not modern enough???? I was mentioning Democracy! Democracy! But hiding behind the broad term "Westernization" is a great try hun.

As you said, there are cries of the people in the ARAB WORLD concerning the fast pace at which they were exposed to the westernization that the "western" world developed for so long, therefore having the time and resources to get used to the concept of democracy. Yet their leaders don't listen Akhalil. Those leaders were NOT democratically elected, therefore they do NOT represent the wishes of their people. Trying to convey that the ARAB WORLD which is quite huge as u mentioned urself (and if you got any better term pls notify me ASAP), NOT modern I am sure you know Iran was and is a perfect example, it had(s) an outstanding potential, and its Shah wanted to westernize it even though most people weren't ready for that, that country lacked and still lacks democracy. Do you view the Islamic regime of Iran as a happy one? Are the people happy? Teheran is in the worst shape ever....thanks to what? I wonder :)...and the situation is consistent with the rest of Israel's neighbours, people cannot express their opinions...they can't wear what they want in most places...they cannot say what is really on their minds, they cannot speak out against their leaders' abuse! And you are trying to tell me that they are?! That is something you cannot deny...plssssss

On the other hand, you have Israel ...where you CAN speak out against your leaders, in fact you can kick em the hell out as we did with both BB and whats going on with the Jordanian parliament?...

Again, you surprised me, you said you are a critic of the ARAB WORLD's policies....yet you seem to make their leaders to be angels...pure angels that wanted to help them poor why the f* did they decide to attack us from all fronts on the recreation eve of Israel???? Were you there akhalil...who told you dear uncle Ben Gurion sneakily decided to attack the poor "20,000 arab warriors with no suitable weapons"? Where did you read that? Mind giving me the Titles of some of your favorite books concerning that matter?

"Lebanon, of course, is an extension of France in everything, even in their language." U said....why should I care about their so called European culture? Are you actually trying to convince me that Lebanon is not controlled by Syria? that syrian soldiers don't stop them at check points( as my muslim Lebanese friends told me!)? Besides that Lebanon is a great place ya know, a terror nest for organizations such as the RACIST Hezbullah....I mean it is so cool, you can actually buy Israeli flags walking down the streets....ONLY if you want to burn them that is.

You also said:"We know that the Great King Hussien of Jordan flew his own Helicopter to Israel to notify Golda and the Israeli establishment of Egypt and Syria's plan to launch the war of 1973. They discounted him, and Egypt and Syria were onto him anyway and gave him false information. Even Morocco and Mauritania had secret dealing with Israel."

Now, who is "we" Akhalil habibi?...And oh were u there on the helicopter? or is that what your father told you about our Great King Husain, who was put in Jordan by them great Brits who by the way reorganized the whole ME so nicely eh? And please don't sell me any goodies about Morocco's dealings...unless you get substantial proof.

" Now, in Israel, it is quite the reverse. It is the policy of the state to demonize, abuse, maime and kill Arabs at all possible situations."

Who told you that? Got any proof for those terrible accusations? And if those accusations are true, how are they reverse from the ARAB WORLD policies....dang, I do like using that term.

"Is (it) is the policy of the state to assassinate plotical leaders..."

We haven't killed any political leaders...but you are starting to give me ideas about our oh so democratic peacelovin and just arafat ( you know, that nouveau riche hunk)...Id better tell my friends in the Mossad about thats how ridiculous u sound.

We kill terrorists, if you consider terrorists like late Abu Shanhab, as political leaders, people whose main aim is to delete Israel and its Jewish residents, then you are the racist and oh so ignorant one habibi.

Another thing you wrote was:

"They are thus justified in forming organizations to put pressure on the zionist state to change and move towards the path of seeking a resolution to its conflict with the Palestinians"

Firstly, I would like u to define "Zionism".

Secondly, what makes you think that the current parties in the Israeli kenesset cannot do that job on their own, you have HADASH, BALLAD, MERETZ, THE UNITED ARAB LIST the passionate secularization supporter SHINUI etc. This is a list I take great pride in, although I dont agree with their current political agendas and tactics, it shows how democratic the Israeli society is, how every voice can be heard, ANY VOICE.

Something you cannot say about the majority of the ARAB WORLD (G-d I love using that term!)..enlighten me if Im wrong( substantial facts only please)...or more specifally Israel's neighbours.

Well, I will be waiting for your response. And perhaps you could also explain to me that whole issue of the school books that are oh so popular among the arab school children( maybe because there is only one source to choose from?) know, those same books that teach the little kids who are truly innocent, how killing filthy jews that hide behind talking trees is a good thing...or a "mitzvah" as we say, or how "the Arabs" won this or that war...that's gonna be an interesting one..unless ur gonna claim that it's another Zionist propoganda...or perhaps King Jordan's scheme to brainwash them little kids with his helicopter.

May there will be peace upon little Israel and the rest of the nations.

P.S. please tell me how do I sound racist in my words, I do not wish to generalize about anyone, I do not think "all Arabs or (for that matter) Muslims are BAD", only stupid ignorant people would make such generalization about an entire people or religion, in fact I have many Arab friends, and I admire their warmness and beautiful culture, Unlike some others, I will never judge anyone by his government, not to mention that I dont even think "the Arabs" are represented fully by theirs....oh and one more thing...what are those things about Judaism that are gonna make me cry....I could use a good cry...can't wait!

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