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author: Shirl

Reading articles like Judith Butler's make me feel pride as a Jew. There was always an impressive, one might say, variety of opinions concerning Israel, Judaism, Zionism etc. among Jews. She expressed her opinions very carefully, although her views might be judged as extreme to others.

Something however, somewhat troubled me. As one mentioned above, Criticism of Israel is viewed as Anti-Semitism because there is so much of it, it seems quite unbalanced, it is as if Israel wins a bit too much attention, most of it is in negative forms. Now, whether this criticism is expressed correctly and in the right amounts, is a matter of opinion.

At times it seems that having about one third of the UN'S resultions concern( and most condemn) Israeli policies and its existence, give the impression of a "UN" that is a bit overly obssessed with the 9-mile-wide Israel. One can say, it may be pressure from oil seeking countries, and countries that have that oil. Sadly, our world is still addicted to oil, but of course that is not a good enough excuse, but in my opinion it is a part of the function.

Now to my point, somwhere in Butler's article I have expected to read something about the PLO's policies, and how the Arab attitude towards Israel'd "better" change, if they actually want peace. As much as she appears to seek peace, and thinks the best way is by criticizing Zionism ( although I dont think she can define it accurately) and Israeli policies, she oughta understand that it takes both sides.

I truly believe that Israelis want peace, they do not seek extra land, they do not wish to see others suffer, and I think an excellent example of the above is the list of organizations created by Israelis themselves.

I just wonder, how come you don't get to see any organizations such as that, calling to bring to a halt the preaching of hate against Jews, the western world, Israel, etc., inside the Arab regimes, or the PLO itself. It's quite worrisome, to see that even Palestinians themselves don't seem to care about democracy, freedom of speech ( other than Israeli bashing),nor educating their children about peace, and respect towards other religions and ethnicities. In fact the Arab society doesn't even follow what it preaches.

I am waiting for the day, where the world will scream...not only for the democracy they view as nonexistent in Israeli, but the true lack of democracy that exists in Arab/Muslim regimes, and some other parts of the world.

I hope that we'll manage to acheive true peace, yet I doubt it is getting near. I don't think the Arab world is ready to accept Israel in the ME, be it 1967 borders, or even 1948, quite frankly it now seems to me they wouldnt want it to exist anywhere, but what do I know.

It would be nice to see, people who claim to really care about peace, to not only criticize Israel's "aggressive" policies, and not only disapprove of suicide bombings from the Palestinian side, but to shout against the extreme lack of democracy that exists among the Palestinians (and among Arabs in general), to yell out against their fanatical preaching of hatred against you know who. It astounds me to see that Judith, among other "peace" activists, hardly even mentions that.Do they expect to convince anyone of their rightness, by simply criticizing Israel's policies ( which criticizes Israelis in general) and Palestinian suicide bombers( which are conveyed as hopeless INDIVIDUALS who dont really wanna go up to heaven and mess with them virgins, but merely want to forward a message....right)? and more importantly, do they really think it is going to get them anywhere?

cuz meanwhile, I dont see anything concerning that conflict changing for the better, in fact it gets worse and worse...

May there will be peace on Israel and the rest of the world. Amen!

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