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Great Job on burning my ass hun!
author: Shirl


I have read your very interesting response and I appreciate the thought u put in it.

No one claimed to be innocent...both sides are at fault as I have stated before.

Before I will continue I would like you to define what a democracy is, and what countries in your opinions truly practice it.

As much as I got the wrong idea about Islam, it seems to me you got the wrong idea about jews in general as well. As you mentioned, most times you cannot employ the term "Arab World", unless the issue involves Israel as well. I believe that the hatred of Israel, and now the jews who live in it is something that strongly unites "the Arabs". As we all know, they are not huge fans of each other, but they too, realize that it is better to unite against the enemies of Islam ( and no Im not saying that all arabs are muslim or vice versa...even us ignorant Israelis know better than that eh..), than fight each other. Enlighten me if I am wrong, ignorance is bliss, and you make the impression of an extremely intelligent person, even though we disagree on many points concerning Israel, but at times that is a matter of a point of view, and at times, there is no right or wrong.

Although you stated that you are a critic of the Arab world/policies as well, you have made the impression that they have nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian/arab conflict. But the opposite is what seems to be true, not only the Arab world doesnt seem to treat the palestinians very well, it's unfortunate to see them send money to strap bombs to their bodies, engage in terror attacks against innocent civilians, and in addition to see preaching of hate against jews immersed into their educational institutes and cultural activities. It seems as if its all they concentrate on. And at times, it appears to be innate. Can you blame me for thinking that the "Arab World" uses the arabs living in jeuda, samaria and Gaza , or palestinians as they were called since 1964 for political purposes( may of course the vast majority of palestinians today view their identity as real, and since 1964 it is for the intention of destroying Israel?

It troubling to see the US is the main provider of the PLO, yet what do the Palestinians give them in return? They burn their flag, and cheer on 9/11, I am sorry, but even if they do not agree with the US' policies, do you think that kind of violent behaviour is going to get them anywhere?

As I am sure you know, they were offered a state of their own on numerous occasions, yet it seems the rest of the Arab world wouldn't want that to happen, what would be their new excuse for getting rid of Israel after such a state will be created?

At least Israel is trying to take some steps towards peace, as much as the rest of the Arab world would love to see it "just disappear" those infidels won't democratically rule a tiny piece of "their" land. It's funny, cause I don't remember anyone being pissed off at Trandjordan and Egypt for ruling those same disputed areas up until 1948 I believe.

As an Israeli, all the talk about Israel being a "nondemocratic regime" makes me wonder, Have you ever been to Israel? To see what it is really like?

No, it is not a "haven for jews" not anymore. I can totally understand that it seems racist to you that Jews can automatically get an Israeli citizenship, while people from other religions have more of a problem getting one, but still it doesnt mean there are no nonjewish residents in Israel, in fact there many, even when you exclude the arab Israeli citizens who chose to stay here peacfully, and are receiving full rights, naturally. In addition, all "races" are welcomed in Israel, Jews returned to Israel from many places in the world, thus I guarantee you, you won't see the same face on the Israeli street twice, there is an amazing cultural and "racial" diversity, and it is something I've always admired about Israel, and found it lacking greatly in some other countries.

As much as you hate that excuse, it is the only reason that appears to be logical to me, for why Israel is so cautious about muslims entering its borders, it may be translated as racism to you, or an action with genocidal purposes, but it is a tool for self protection, we've been attacked by mainly muslims( from an arab decent). Isn't it logical to make clear exactly who they are before they enter a state known merely as an infidel occupying state to them?

Well, my holy day is getting near and Id better get going, it is a pleasure to find a voice of reason for a change, I am yet to be convinced, but I am very open minded ( believe it or not), and I appreciate anyone who can back their statements with a fact or two, and maybe a good joke on my expense, but sometimes it just doesnt show the whole picture.


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