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This I reply, for now (take 2)
author: AKhalil

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It was written in the book of Nonesense:


It's too bad that a person that can express himself so nicely manages to discredit himself with baseless statements. Firstly, by stating that Israel initiated the 1948, 1956, 1967, etc.Habibi...maybe it's time to stop watching Al Jazeera and move to a less primitive form of media.But then again, I cannot blame you, I have yet to meet an Arab that would actually admit the Arab world is at any fault, when in fact they are the only ones that are responsible for the so called palestians are not getting a second state of their own."

I think it is not I that needs to read "books," for I have a library of thousands on various fields, with hundreds on Israel, but you apparently need to get yourself out of the cocoon of Israeli state propaganda and Judaic paranoia. If you want, we can begin from the begining and go through each war or incedent one by one and see if I or you are delusional. As for the Arab world, I am sorry to burst your buble again, for I am one of the most devout critics of the Arab world, in relation to Israel and on many other topics. I actually even fault the construct of an "Arab World." It does not exist, it is a falacy or at best a dream which everyone talks about but no one really wants to realise, Arabs and non-Arabs alike. However, to blame the Palestinan issue on the so called Arab world is a disgrace to your intellectual integrity. I presume you mean that the Arabs are at fault because they did not accept and absorb the Palestinian refugees which you pushed out in your occupation of the land. The "so called PALESTINANS," as you say repeating Golda's famous denials, had land with houses on them and various properties. You took these away from them and you should solve the problem, or live with it. Do not think that it is Kosher to pass it along to me. They are Palestinians first of all and constitute one of the world's oldest nations, even older than yours, if we accept yours as a nation to start with. The "Arab" in their identity is an affinity with a larger group of people, but that does not make them one and the same. Are the Germans the same as the British? I guess you would agree that they are not. Well, even with the differnce of language, the German and the British are closer to each other than a Palestinian and an Iraqi. Yes. Between a Palestinian and a Moroccan it is even worse. The claim that you, as many Israelis, make has the effect of saying that you are after all not at fault, but those bastard Arabs are the source of the conflict. Just like a child who kicks his friend and runs to his parents crying that he was abused. The PALESTINANS are not the problem. It is you.

And by the way, I don't have al-Jazeera. But hey, what do you have to fear from information. You are bilkul tika (Absolutely Perfect, as the Indians would say).

"Again, we all know that no matter how much Israel is going to give to the so called palestinians or for that matter the arab world, peace aint gonna happen :) therefore why should it."

I guess we will never find out, since Israel never compromised on anything. And they will never seek peace, their anti-matter.

"Secondly, what makes u say Israel is not a democracy, the fact that it lets a very wide varuety of opinions express itself and take place on its most important platforms shows how different it is from the Arab world in that matter. Where shall I start I wonder, but then again, anyone who actually believs Israel is not a democracy seems like a blinded lost cause to me...oyyy"

Ok. Wake up from your dream. Israel is a county that is built on the idea of exclusion, externally and internally. Israel, according to your most cherished ideal, is a Jewish state, not a democracy. That excludes all others, which used to be the majority of the country before you took it over. It is a racist state which classifies and appropriates rights to its "citizens" based on belonging to different racial and ethnic groups. It a colonial state which usuped the rights of an indigenuous population. It is a brutal occupying power over wat remains of Palestine. I guess if you are Jewish and of the zionist outlook, then Isarel is heaven on earth. Otherwise, run for cover because the state has no qualms about shooting, bombing or even runnung tanks and buldozers over you, and claiming that it is your fault after all. Now, as for the people whom you control but don't even consider that they exist, the Palestinians, I guess since they don't exist they must be enjoying this non-extistent democracy of yours.

"The only way there is going to be peace in the ME is when the Arabs are going to make huge reforms, in other words stop the preaching of hate against jews and infidels for that matter. I know its hard for u as a muslim to understand that Muslims can't always rule the just doesnt work that way in a modern democratic world ...wake up and small the coffee...maybe if ull drink it ud actually see what's really going on."

First of all, what the hell do you know about Islam other than these stupid propaganda remarks. If you have some intelligent insights please do share with us, otherwise please stick to secular areas of thought. Second, you are mixing terms and confusing the issue in your head as well as in the heads of others. Arabs are not equivalent with Muslims. There are Muslim Arabs, Christan Arabs and Jewish Arabs. There exists, known to us in the civilized world, a specie called Christian in the Palestinian genre, with a close cousin called Muslim. A much more fewer relative is named Jewish Palestinian.

Last, flipping the coin, I guess there will be no peace in the ME until Jews understand that they cannot rule over Muslims and Christians just because they are Jews: it just does not happen in a democracy. Oh, as for the coffee, it is an Arabic word, not Hebrew (so is Falafel, which smells good too).

"Another point is that the plight of the so called palestinians has improved greatly up until the year 2001, when they started their "intifadah". They had the highest literacy rate, second highest average salary ( after the saudis of course), newest hospital facilities, water and electricity....things Jordan and Egypt...the real occupires of JEUDA, SAMARIA and GAZA had failed to provide with the residents at their time. Which might explain why so many people started calling themselves Palestinians...not only cause it was so damn easy, but because they got a great chance to live next to a democratic state which was interested in their neighbour's satisfaction :)"

The condition of living, everywhere in the world, has improved considerably over the last 40 years, no thanks to Israel. If I kept a bird in a cage, its condition would improve regardless of my intentions because the wheel of

progress keeps forces me advance. Now, compared with everywhere else, the Palestinans did not fare as well as other people. These civil services which you talk about were not done by of financed by Israel, the occupying power, but by the same Arab states which you deny them credit. Just look at their names, and you will find a Faisal Hospital, not a Sharon one. Of course you would find many prisons and concentration camps built by Isarel, as well as settlements everywhere you go. If this is what you mean by development in Palestinian lives, then there you go. Why do't you satify them further by and show them how a jewish grave feels like. Just kill them all and develop the West bank and Gaza as they should be, Jewish lands, propering with farms and factories.

And by the way, your ignorace and fabrication is shown by attempting a per capita comaprison. The highest per capita income in the Arab world is for UAE (21k+), followed by the Qatar (21k+). Saudi Arabia is not actually rich at all by world standrads, on even bar with Botswana at less than 10K. Israel has a per capita of of $19,945, while the priviliged Palestinans, as you claim how great the occupation was and still is, have a per capita income of $576 in Gaza and 653 in the West Bank. Hey they are doing great, considering that they are a little above Papua New Guinea, the lowest per capita in the world of $226. Great job Israel. (yes, I have the numbers on all nations)

"Maybe that also explains why young "palestinian" gals run to IDF soldiers, scareaming they are going to bomb theirselves, knwoing that they are going to put into jails, and treated MUCH BETTER than they were at their home with their primitive families....many cases like that...pathetic...gotta thank the arab nature."

Mighty nice of you. Can I have a two bedroom cell reserved for my retirement please. You know, the Arabs are very evil. They are cousins to the Devils. Right, cousin.

"U know what khalil...I truly think its time for Israel to behave as the way you arabs say it is...maybe then you'll regret giving us the perfect solution to end your shameless brutality. Peace :)"

Whatever you say is like honey to my heart. Keep your head in the sand and things will be better eventually, when someone pours concrete over it.


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