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oy vey
author: Shirl


It's too bad that a person that can express himself so nicely manages to discredit himself with baseless statements.

Firstly, by stating that Israel initiated the 1948, 1956, 1967, etc.Habibi...maybe it's time to stop watching Al Jazeera and move to a less primitive form of media.But then again, I cannot blame you, I have yet to meet an Arab that would actually admit the Arab world is at any fault, when in fact they are the only ones that are responsible for the so called palestians are not getting a second state of their own.

Again, we all know that no matter how much Israel is going to give to the so called palestinians or for that matter the arab world, peace aint gonna happen :) therefore why should it.

Secondly, what makes u say Israel is not a democracy, the fact that it lets a very wide varuety of opinions express itself and take place on its most important platforms shows how different it is from the Arab world in that matter. Where shall I start I wonder, but then again, anyone who actually believs Israel is not a democracy seems like a blinded lost cause to me...oyyy

The only way there is going to be peace in the ME is when the Arabs are going to make huge reforms, in other words stop the preaching of hate against jews and infidels for that matter. I know its hard for u as a muslim to understand that Muslims can't always rule the just doesnt work that way in a modern democratic world ...wake up and small the coffee...maybe if ull drink it ud actually see what's really going on.

Another point is that the plight of the so called palestinians has improved greatly up until the year 2001, when they started their "intifadah". They had the highest literacy rate, second highest average salary ( after the saudis of course), newest hospital facilities, water and electricity....things Jordan and Egypt...the real occupires of JEUDA, SAMARIA and GAZA had failed to provide with the residents at their time. Which might explain why so many people started calling themselves Palestinians...not only cause it was so damn easy, but because they got a great chance to live next to a democratic state which was interested in their neighbour's satisfaction :)

Maybe that also explains why young "palestinian" gals run to IDF soldiers, scareaming they are going to bomb theirselves, knwoing that they are going to put into jails, and treated MUCH BETTER than they were at their home with their primitive families....many cases like that...pathetic...gotta thank the arab nature.

U know what khalil...I truly think its time for Israel to behave as the way you arabs say it is...maybe then you'll regret giving us the perfect solution to end your shameless brutality.

Peace :)

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