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It is a matter of choice
author: AKhalil

In response to questions of equating or justifying Israeli violence and terrorism in relation to Palestinian violence. The fact of the matter is that Israelis chose, of their own free will and design, to come to Palestine, kill and expell its people, and take over their lands and properties. This did not just happen once 50 years ago, it has continuously ans systematically happened since then and is still going on today. As a matter of policy, Israel has never showed any inclination to change from this course. Futher, Israelis still have a choice to make: they could willingly leave Israel and go back to where they came from, or emigrate to some other country (The USA is a good place, you cannot claim that you will be prosecuted there, since you rule it).

The Palestinians had and still have no choice in the matter. They did not ask for their country to be colonized. They did not petition and bribe England to give their own land away to some other people. They did not arm the Israelis. They did not ask the Israelis to shoot and kill their fathers, brothers and children. They did not ask Israel to destroy their fields, demolish their houses and take over their lands, etc... The list of Israeli atrocities goes on and on. They also have no where to go. A Palestinian is from and of the land of Palestine. He is not Russian or Egyptian to go live in Russia or Egypt, or anywhere else. One can find Yemini jews, for example, but there are no Yemini Palestinans. The Yemini jew should go back to Yemin and leave Palestine to the Palestinians. If the government of Yemin then abuses you, then by all means do assasinate their leaders. The Palestinans do not have to pay for someone else's crimes. (Remember, Yemin here is for an example. It could be any other country, especially those who prosecuted you. You should make "them" pay).

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