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Not all Isreali's are assholes
author: Marcus

I would not say that all Isreali's are assholes as I would not say all Arabs are assholes either. What is fact is that when Isreal flies over Lebanon it gets fired on. When jets don't fly we have no anti-aircraft fire. Also fact is the Isreali government does not tell it's citizens that they are flying over lebanon minutes before an anti-aircraft missile is launched. If the Government were honest with it's citizens then chances are the Isreali public will ban flights altogether over Lebanon so they can have peace on the border. As far as Shabae Farms, well if they want to give Lebanon no excuse to attack, simply give up the occupation regarless of whom it belongs to......It will save jewish lives. Isn't that the most important thing for Isreal........Security.

This way if an attack were to happen after all tyhe above, then the world will embrace a full Isreali defensive which we don't even need to ask what may happen. Point is Isreal will be justified in destroying Hezzbollah in the international community eyes.

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