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author: AKhalil

Few points to make:

First, some zionists always bring up the argument that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. It is not. Not that there are others, but rather that Israel is by definistion, by policy and by history and current actions has nothing to do with a democracy. Israel was built on the premise that a certain group of people, an extremme minority at that time, had the right to take over the land and properties of another people, throw them out or exterminate them, and then oppen the door for people belonging to a certain religion (jews) to come a colonize the land. From that day on, Israel has represented the interests of Jews alone, not the rest of its claimed citizens, and not to mention the occupied millions.

Second, the fact that other Arab states are not democracies is not a defence for Israel. Why would the system of governance in say Mauritania afffect or jutify Israel taking over Palestinian lands. Why would the great Sultan of Oman be a cause for Israel to kill or maime Palestinian children. True, some Arab states did get into wars with Israel, but Israel has initiated all of the wars except one (1973). And further, do you think that Israel would have had it so easy if these Arab states were democracies and actually progressed and represented the will of their people. I don;t think so. It is actually not in the interest of Israel to have Arab democracies for the simple fact that corrupt regeims can and are being bought by Israel and its allies. A representative regeim would not give in so easily, for, I admit, no Arab collectivity would accept Israel in their midst. Period. They might let it be for a while, and they have the historical depth for accepting that option. But eventually, when the balance of power is changed, which it must, or when America finally let go of Israel (which will possibly happen in the end, see below), Israel would pay the price of it sbrutal arrogance. If you think that Israel can continously deal with the Arabs with force, this would be like expecting the Maldive Islands to exert it will on India forever. The whole population of Israel can fit in Alexandria with room to spare. So, Israelis better mend their wars and think of a future beyong the Prime ministerial elections. Think what will happen not just to you, or you children, but to your 3rd, 4th, etc. generations. The people of the Axial World have been around for 7 thousand years, and they are going no where. If Isarelis would repent and belong, they might actually be accepted and eventually blend with the rest. If they continue with their ways they would eventually pay. The sad thing, is that I think the root of the Israeli problem is not the Jews or Jewish zionist per se, but the fundamentalist Chritians and their messianic form of zionizm. In this, I think the Jews are actually the ultimate victims. The messianic vision does not end at the restoration of the Jews in Palestine and the rebuilding of the Third Temple, but that at the end Israel must be destroyed "again" for Christ to come. If this is true, then America's might which has been protecting Israel so far, would one day be withdrawn at the right moment for the prophecy to be fulfilled. In fact, the Christian right might suddenly shift support to ensure the right outcome. From what I hear on Christian channels, I fear this might be true.

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