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Reality Check
author: AKhalil

I am tired of this bullshit about the Jewish ties to Judea and the historical rights they have to Palestine. First, you, who claim such rights, need to make up your minds if you are a people or a religion. You cannot be both. If you are a people, then you need to go back to where you came from. If you are Russian, go back to Russia. If you are German go back make the rest of the Germans, the "christian" ones, pay for what they did to you. Most of you who claim the eternal bond with the land do not even look Middle Eastern. You are either blonde with blue eyes, or some other kind of a degenerate breed (look at Sharon, he looks as if he came out of a horror movie). If you can prove that you are of Middle Eastern origin, then you should be welcome to go to the country of your origin. Some of you are legitimate and I support your right to live in the Middle East. By the same token, a person like Sharon should go back to the Ukraine, period.

Now if you are a religion, then you cannot claim a land for any reason. This bullshit about God promising it to Abraham might work on some idiots in the Christian world, but no where else. If you could provide an authenticated and registered deed for the land from God, thewn maybe we could talk. Otherwise, God the sent his Archangel to me yesterday and He promised me Europe, Half of Asia and, specifically, your money, house, spouse and children. If you would gladly surrender these to me, then I would have my God talk to your God, and Maybe we would settle the question of Palestine.


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