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Camp David was peaceful negotiations
author: Ben

You may not like the offer Barak made at Camp David, but that is neither here nor there. The real issue is that Israel came to Camp David in good faith to make a final status agreement to end the occupation on peaceful terms.

But the Palestinians not only rejected the offer, they failed to make any counteroffer, showing they never intended to make a deal with Israel.

Two months later, they started a war that targeted civilians - committing hundreds of war crimes.

Like the deal or not, the Palestinians turned to violence, and they haven't stopped. Under the circumstances, it is immoral for Israel to leave the territories, since every time they loosen their closures, Israeli civilians inside Israel get killed.

When the Palestinians understand that violence cannot be a tool for negotiations, they will have a state. For now, if they can't control themselves, they don't deserve one.

Indepenedence means responsibility.

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