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To Rony Armon - At the contrary I do like your style
author: AMR

Roni, you are wrong.

I do like your style, I am serious.

What is alarming me is your approach to us all as a crowd, the anonymous people all around.

I grew on the respect to the individual. Actually I seriously think that human right is starting from treating the individual as such and not as a number from the crowd.

I f was misreading your notes then I am apologizing upfront.

Anarchism should choose a bold target. A positive target.

Nothing wrong with anarchism, only if it was exercised for the favor of the individuals within our society. My concern is that many anarchists are taking the violent way for the sake of violent.

Haven’t we had more then enough, more then we need violence lately?

I have identified with you positive energies. It is up to you how to spend those but to my approach you could spend it to the good of the people around us.

Poverty and misery are all around these days, somebody like you could channel his energy to the positive rout.

..And then again I have nothing against you. I will have much for you though if I knew that you are spending your anarchist energy positively.

PS. You don’t have to write for me in English (after all no word in the Hebrew dictionary that is unknown to me, I am serious). It is some coincidental occurrence that my keyboard and programs are in English. Hebrew is definitely my mother language.

My language is sometimes a bit too straight to some people taste, ignore the style and read the content, after all that is what that counting.

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