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A case of a short between caltures
author: AMR


Too many holes in your article, I will not waste energy either and point for two much undisputed issues:

1. The Palestinians are not fighting for their survival they are fighting for emotional desires and homeland (which are legitimate); they are surrounded by 400.000.000 declared supporters (and professional hypocrites behind the back). This exact same amount and people, Muslims, this time titled as enemies, are surrounding us, Israel, (that is fighting for its survival, mind you) and their majority are swore to the destruction of us. Putting Israel and the Palestinians on the same level is portrayed nicely among the “Civil Rights” organizations but it has little to do with actualities and realities. Not acknowledging this fact is misleading to say the least.

2. Blaming Israel in the creation of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad is following the same misleading pattern. We have to be ignorant, big time, to forget the Palestinian terror gangs of the 30th and 40th. Their followers the Fidayiun of the 50th and the Patah terror organization of the 60th . The Hamas and the Jihad are direct follower of those terror acts and gangs. Not Israel created them, their mentality and culture is driving them.

The western culture’s major problem is that we are trying to measure the Palestinian-Arab-Muslims world with our Jewish-western-culture tools. It can not go, it can not work. If proceeding that way we are doomed to fail, both sides, measurably.

I will not extend on this issue here and now.

This discussion alone could fill up a book.

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