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The People what about the people?
author: AMR

Roni Armon…

I was reading your program for the amateur anarchist and laughed.

The reason is simple; you have excluded from your equation the most important part…


You are in the Catch 22…

You need other people to have your plan fulfilled

Only that the vast majority of people around (here, there, anywhere) are far away from yours ideas and even fight you for that.

Actually the vast majority (and I am talking 98% and up of them) are despising your ideas and dismissing them as nutty (or crazy if you wish).

Most people perceiving those ideas as one step away from fascism (and that is very true) that is just popping from the other side of the spectrum.

Not to worry, you are in a “Good” company, your friend the Communist/ Marxists;

Both groups are in the same problem…and I am glad you are.

Both are pretending talking on behalf of the people (the crowd in your speak - what an insultion to the individuality and the respect for the individual of the modern society).

The reason you are destined for a constant failure is simple, you are insisting one seeing the “Crowd” as such and ignoring the fact that the world around you has changed towards individuality.

I will not proceed here, I really do not wish to give armistices in your hand more then I did already.

Happy dreams you boys, keep coming in, the jokes are good.

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