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gross misjustice
author: linus

I developed an interst in Israel, Jews and Muslims post 9/11. As a person pre 9/11 that had some kind of sympathy for the Israeli's, now, due really to the dissemination of unbiased info across the net. I find myself siding with the with palestinans. Regardless of religous grounds or right to whatever....I get the impression that more and more people are undergoing this shift in feelings (those people that give a monkeys that is). Everydaypeople in the UK, in London esp live next door to people that look like terrorist, but know them on a personal level. I reckon if one of these people were to walk in a shopping mall in NY the mall would be empty in a few seconds. The point being that familiarity makes you (me)look a bit deeper, & see that palestinans have no choice, something that Mrs.Blair once suggested. So my feelings can't be too far off the mark. I am a member of the public and this is my opion, so in that context my point is valid.

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