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author: jeffb

The word Jewish is the greek form of the word Judean (i.e. the Jews are the people of Judea). Israel is to Judea as modern Egypt is to ancient Egypt. Judaism is the tribal beliefs of the citizens of Judea. Criticism of Israel is criticism of the Jewish polity. Criticism of Israel's right to exist is criticism of Judiasm's right to exist in a meaningful forum.

People who have no obvious connection to Israel and Jews yet take an unnatural interest in its politics are generally motivated by irrational attitudes towards Jews which are "termed anti-semitic". There are dozens of governments in the world fighting with ethnic minorities inside their territory. It doesn't attract nearly the attention that Israel attracts. Its this degree of attention that is anti-semitic much more than the content. Most people despise the government of Zimbabwe they don't however: organize boycotts, get involved in debates, attend marches, exclude the Zimbabwian people from cultural events, seek to impose sanctions.....They don't think about Zimbabwe much at all. That's the proper level of attention Israel should get from non Jews and non Palestinians.

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