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The convoy will pass...
author: AMR

Tough I have no desire to respond to the Marxists guys and I would not, I could not help it from reading once this area, I was reading with a smile on my face…

While reading, pop up in my imagination the funny scenario of a bunch of street dogs that are burking at each other and at the bystanders walking here or there.

Nobody understand there burking, nobody really cares, the dogs are having there own language that is not understood by the humans that are passing by.

The dogs, as it seems, does not care about the humans around them either, they are so much busy in whatever they are doing (mostly running after each other’s tail) that they seems to ignore and misunderstand the changing world that is surrounding them, after all how could they.

Well guys, I know you do not care, nevertheless that how other people perceiving you based on your burking and behavior.

Some food for thought… If there is “The group for the Marxism defense” in existence it means that you are recognizing the fact that the Marxism is that much crippled and shaky that it is requires yours protection and defensive activity…!

…But I am sure you have noticed that along time ago, after all you do not need me to tell you that.

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