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Educate yourself and then we will proceed
author: AMR

Due to the out of this world opinions that you are expressing here, the misconception, the uneducated manner, the total misunderstanding of the Middle East and the Israeli Palestinian conflict I must dismissed everything that you have said as hallucination in the worst case cineraria or as a joke in the best case one.

I am strongly suggesting you to neglect your fictional way, take a good 20th century’s history books learn the fact and the matters of the issues in our region (it is clear that you are not belong here and talking from second, third or forth level uninformed sources).

In addition, it will be much advisable to listen to people like me that actually went and going through the real events that shaped and are shaping the Middle East in the past 50-60 years (my kids that are around 30 years old can tell you that).

It seems that you are way out of your league here. When I was bombed, shot by, injured, fought in most of the Middle East wars, I need not having nobody telling me or ‘Washing my brain” about the aggression of the Arab terror organization, I experienced that first hand and counting.

For me this is not an academic issue. I am living and lived the event I am talking about days in and days out.

Nobody “taught” me anything about the murderous nature of the Arabs; I have experienced that first hand for many years.

If you really want to learn about the Middle East conflict, let me know and I will direct you to the right sources, otherwise I have no interest in taking this discussion further.

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