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You set a perfect example of the observation the poster above you had made.

He claimed that the enemy is Not the Palestinian people But the Ones who would urge You to view them as your enemies.

You mentioned radical groups who are fighting for their Independence from the Zionist occupation... what you did not mention is that the Zionist enterprise is the very entity that Founded as well as Funded this anti zionist institutions.

Why did they do that?

One of the many ways to instill blinded nationalism in the many different cultures is to mold a common enemy, one that is predictable and knows who is the boss.

For instance, if your Politicians are under the international microscope, one way to take the heat off of their digressions is to divert the attention of the international media by having their people attacked in a horrifying way; that way it endangers sympathy and lets the criminals off the hook.

"through deception do war"...

Another way to manipulate you into believing that it is the Palestinians who are your Enemies, is by selling you propaganda as education.

The stuff you were taught in school, is only 1/2 of the picture.

They sell you misinformation By omission.

What is misinformation By omission- you Ask...

Well, AMR displayed it clearly when he commented that any attacks by the Natives on Zionists were un-provoked.

The Zionist provocations were prevalent then as they still are.

But by denying the context of the turmoil (that we all inhertitted) they make the Natives appear as barbaric savages intent on killing and/ or transferring Zionist to the ocean.

The movies then, recycle this antisemitic propaganda until it is no longer questioned but accepted as clear facts.

The time to question who planted this Garbage in your minds is Now!

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