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When the double standard is becoming the norm
author: AMR

To the “wake the F.. up” guy (Ithink you deserves a better name, Ha..?), you are definitely correct, Zionist can not live peacefully with Arabs (Fatah/Hamas/Jihad nationalists).

Well, due to the fact that most of us, about 90% of the Jewish population in Israel are Zionists or holding those ideas then certainly, we can not live with the Arabs in the same country.

We were very well trained to hold those ideas, after missing (by way of murder) 6 million of our nation, just about 50 years ago and additional hundred thousands killed in the pogroms of the beginning of the 20 century, our only hope and choice is being Zionists with a burned desire for our own unique identity and place.

If your opinion is so much negative towards the Zionists then what is so good with the Fatah or the Hamas or the Islamic Jihad, are they so much good and Zionist are so much bad, or it is just your double moral, double standard, hypocritical approach that is making the difference?

You have had the opportunity to tell us that the Palestinian Nationalists are not deserving their own land right? So why you did not?

If you are slamming the Zionists then you have to slam the Americans, French, English, Russians and… and… and… actually most of the world nations (double standard we said already).

Are those Palestinian’s national desires are positive and Jewish national desires are that negative? Or the negatives are just within you hot head?

I suggest you to “wake the F… up” (as you have said) and check up your double standard, hypocritical approach and leave us peacefully alone.

To the Logistic (alive) guy.

I am appreciating your love to history but from where you have got those “Hundreds of people Killed” in the King David hotel blow-up? Check you sources, tens of people killed there (though that is bad enough too).

Let the people of Israel, the Jews that are living there to tell you who are their enemies.

It is not for you to define our enemies it is solely for us to say.

The Jews of Israel have decided and targeted their enemies some 70 years ago and those are the Arabs.

Arabs have made themselves enemies to the Jews. Since the 30th of the last century and even before, Arabs were killing Jews in (then) Palestine without any provocation. They have killed them only because they were Jews.

Arab were killing Jews though not many Jews settled then in Israel and those that came purchased lands legally from the Arabs.

Then again I suggest you to turn back to the History books before proceeding with something that is obviously a bit strange to you.

So, now you are coming to tell the Jews in Israel who are their enemies?

Better seat back at home, do whatever you are doing and let us manage our affairs, we do not need your one-sided (not our apparently) advice here.

….and About the Mosad… I am defiantly supporting their way. What, did you expected an intelligence establishment to go straight, head in the wall?

From where have you got this way of intelligence, from the History books as well?

The Mosad is an establishment for intelligence and as such it should and must wage a war through deception, of course what else? Did you expect them to go a different way? Maybe you thought they are a bunch of some monastery nuns? Or may be a bunch of kindergarten youth?

P.S. for your History record the Mantra : “Make war through deception” is from the Holy Bible….our bible.

You have said:

“The above is unfortunately hardly an isolated event, but the normal way Zionists have achieved their ulterior motives”.

I am sure I did not see any note from you about the Murderous actions of : Hamas/Jihad/AlQaida/Sadam/Taliban/Ayatullas etc…, then again why should you?

When double standard, double moral is becoming THE standard then I understand why you do not feel any obligation for the truth and just, after all why should you? Ha..?

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