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Here is why we must have two states for two nations
author: AMR

I will try and answer you as shortly as possible.

It seems that all those that are supporting a ‘dual nationality state’ are lacking severely in their memory.

We have had already a dual nationality region here.

Have we forgotten the 30th, 40th and the 50th of the last century? We have been here already Jews and Palestinians living together side by side.

Ha….now you remember, I can tell that!

So just to remind you (now I am kind of joking, I know you already remember)!

The pogroms, remember?

The Palestinians terror gangs, remember?

The Mufti Hag Amin El Husainy, remember?

The Hagana, Etzel and Lehi, remember?

The Jewish independence war, remember?

The Invasion of all Arab countries, remember?

The Fedaiun (the established fathers of today’s Hamas/Jihad orgs.) of the 50th, remember?

Well, that what is going to happen again, and again, and again until you guys will understand that Jews and Arabs can not live peacefully together.

They certainly can live side by side in a separate countries, that a sure thing.

The Palestinian identity, cultural, political, traditional, mentality is so much different from the Jewish one that there is no chance for the two cultures to maintain a common land together. May be it is us, who knows. After all Jews were isolating themselves all along the history, if it is then that is the way we like it.

Nevertheless, it is us or it is the differences in culture and mentality, the fact is that we will not be able to flourish together in a peaceful manner.

The vast, total majority, Jews and Palestinians, is electing for two nations in a two separate countries.

The two nations are recognizing in their healthy senses that a full unity is impossible, they already recognized the uniqueness of each side and do not want to experience again the bloody conflict of the last century’s first half (and please do not confuse that with the existing conflict, its background is different though it is drawing its roots from the past).

From the Palestinian side those that are in support of one country for the two nations are those that plan to destroy Israel from within as time passed by with their demographic superiority.

I would like to assume that we are all aiming for the good of the people of Israel (only a few that we should ignore them like the Marxists and alike are to be excluded), therefore I am assuming that a short sighting and naivety is the one that directing you and alike.

We will prevail only if we will able to reveal patience and determination in our way.

I am having the feeling that some of us just lost those extremely important mental qualities.

I know, I know, you will ask “for how long, how many people should be killed in this process of patience and determination?”.

My answer is simple…. Any other way is pointing to the destruction of the Israeli state and a huge suffering to the millions of Jews that already here as a consequences of this idea of a common land for the two nation. Let’s be patient.

So, the only viable option is NOT, I repeat NOT having a dual nationality state but a separate on for the two nations, whatever it takes.

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