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The Israeli democracy must defend itself against
author: AMR

This Momin must be an idiot or stupid, no in-between.

If IDF is a terror organization then what are the Palestinian terror organizations? A “Vitzo”’ sawing cult?

If IDF is a terror organization to this idiot-Momin approach and the Hamas is a kindergarten support organization so why to demote IDF? The list that IDF is doing is defending its people, just like the Hamas/Jihad are doing (to say the list), so why the IDF is a “Terror Organization” and the Palestinian (Terror) organizations are not?

And if the Palestinian Terror organizations are a terror organizations (and they are, God is witness, they are alright) then why this idiot-Momin is not carry the slogan “Hamas/Jihad are terror organization” as well?

I have told you he is an idiot, big time idiot. I suspect that this eight-legs-creature’s brain is that much soaked with drugs and other chemicals that he just do not know (the poor idiot) what he is talking about any more. This guy and alike can not see the contradiction in the logic of carrying the slogan he was carrying without being an honest brokers and balancing their action to reflect on the real situation in our area.

Now let’s assume for the sake of the exercise that this idiot-Momin does recognize its own twisted minded approach, then what? What this fact is telling us about him and alike around him? An Israel hater, A Jews hater, a parasite on the Israeli society shoulders (you heard the idiot, 08:00 morning is too early for him to rise up), drug abused and abuser?

This guy and group are so idiots that are refusing to accept other people’s opinions let it be ‘Peace Now’ or the ‘Right Wing’. If Idiot-Momin is so keen about the freedom of speech then why is he so puzzled by the aggression of Peace Now activists against him and the other idiots, soft minded creatures around him?

In short, and to the point now: People like that we have to put in the zoo, there they are belong. Israel is struggling for its existence and makes no mistake; this is the fight of Israel for its life and identity, a Jewish identity.

The fight is not just against the enemies that are surrounding Israel; the Israeli fight for existence is against the enemies within. No, not the Israelis Arabs, they are the least that should worry the Israeli public. People like idiot-Momin and alike are the real threat to the existence of the Jewish state of Israel. These are the real enemies, these are the mean the Arab that surrounding Israel will use (and using successfully) as the internal Quislings and traitors in their own people to destroy Israel from within and then destroy it finally from the outside.

Based on the opinion I am reading here for the past two years I am definitely can point the finger against those groups: Extreme Left, Holocaust deniers (yes, yes Jews), The destruction of the Jewish state groups (yes, yes, Jews not Arabs only), the right of return supporters (yes, Jews again), the right of the Jews for their own state deniers (yes, again, Jews not Arabs only) then the only conclusion is that democracy is allowed of taking harsh measures from time to time and protect itself against its enemies within.

If we are worried a bit about loosing the individual rights while taking harsh measures of self defense, rest assure that loosing the state of Israel (for good) with all the implication associated with to its Jewish inhabitants are much, much harsher then any temporarily measures the democracy could, and should take in defending itself.

I am warmly recommending the State of Israel and its public to take any defense measure in protecting itself against creatures like Momin and alike.

Did we see how the Palestinians are treating their internal traitors (yes, the same Palestinians that Momin and alike, the extreme Left, are that much in favor of)?

Well, I am not recommending taking the same measure, but I definitely recommending and calling to take the same determination in suppressing the traitors within.

…and As sooner is better…

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