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USA socialists call for release
author: Monica Hill (

In response to Socialist Workers League's request, the Freedom Socialist Party of the U.S.A. joins with others in condemning Israel's arrest of Abnaa el Ballad leaders at their annual summer camp. What Israel obviously cannot stand is Jewish and Arab women and men working together and teaching their children to do likewise, especially under the auspices of leftists. So the government resorts to blatant lies, terrorist baiting and red-baiting to provide a pretext for attack. It's a classic attempt to divide-and-conquer working people in Israel who know that their common enemy is the Zionist, capitalist government of Israel.

Now, where have we here in the United States run into this kind of behavior before? Ah yes. Every day, as our own government lies about the reasons for war against Iraq, imprisons thousands for the crime of being foreigners with Arabic names, and blacklists leftist groups as "terrorists."

Israeli Arab and Jewish socialists have a great task -- to organize a suffering working class in Israel to challenge their repressive government and open the way for genuine peace in the Middle East. We support the work of Abnaa el Ballad and join with others urgently demanding immediate release of its arrested leaders.

Monica Hill

National Committee

Freedom Socialist Party

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