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author: Shirl

Im reading what you guys are saying, and Im reaching the conclusion that this website is not a platform for achieving peace, no website that respects itself would let such bashing go around.

When one writes an article and wants it to be truly valued by people who are not specifically biased and do not need any meds to pass the day, one should present both points, represent both sides, so its readers would be able to view more or less the whole picture. Because like it or not, no side is perfect. As most say, the Israeli-Arab (Palestinian) conflict is a cycle of violence.Which means both sides are at fault, and that a lot of miscommunication and a fundamental lack of understanding of both the jewish/Israeli mentality and the Arab one is going on.

I am wondering whether this so called peace loving website would actually provide its readers with more balanced articles, neutral ones, that do not bash Israel nor Zionism( and for that matter the Arabs) to such shameful degrees. And if you guys do that, then please do it in a tasteful way,one that would not show how biased you are, and that in fact the only thing you seek is Israel's destruction and its replacement with Palestine, which was merely a mandate....

Bet Im gonna get bashed for what Im going to write now, but what the heck, I was wondering what's so bad about being a Zionist? U guys actually make it sound bad. But as a proud Zionist, I know its not bad, according to the Israeli definition, and I repeat the Israeli one, not that one u get to hear from Al Jazeera or on the Arab propganistic Media, a Zionist is a person who believes that Jews have the right to live in Israel as well as to other people, and please dont buy the propoganda shi* of a "larger Israel", because as an Israeli I can assure you that Israel is not interested in a lump of desert, thank you very much.

The IDF is a moral army, unlike other armies, when our soldiers commit crimes they actually pay for them, as any democratic state will do. Which raises an important point, do u actually think that by creating an additional palestinian state the arab world is going to be satisfied? That is what the Israelis wonder as well. They also wonder why this conflict wins so much attention, because WE ALL KNOW, there is worse shi* going on, no one dares mentioning the plight of other occupied people around the world, the lack of the democracy the arab regimes have, the preaching of hate against the western world and Jews. This is the real problem, and no matter how much land Israel is going to give to the oh so poor arabs , they are not going to be happy! WHY?! u ask??? because Israel is an infidel state, and that's been the problem all along( dont forget the occupation of lebanon- whose majority is Christian by Syria which you guys fail to mention). No matter how much we will give the arab world, we will not be welcomed there. It's not the so called palestinians aka arabs theycare about, it's the jews they want to drive into the sea, and people like you excuse their actions.

Why is no one yelling at what's going on in the Arab world? If one actually believes that the plight of the arabs living in there is any better than the "palis"' he simply shows his ignorance. Before this current "intifadah" the Arab Palestinians had one of the best living conditions in the arab world excluding the Saudis, they had the second highest average salary in the Arab world, they had an amazing increase of literacy rate among their people, all that explains why so many started calling themselves palestinians and moved to Gaza, Jeuda and Samaria ( west bank as you would like to call it, point is it doesnt matter what the place's name is.) Of course the Arab world disliked the fact that the tool they have created to drive the jews into the sea, was now happy, by simply cooperating with the Israelis. What have they done you say? They started sending money to support terror acts against innocent people, to train little kids in camps how to kill Israelis, and have their end of year play based on the Lynch in Ramallaha( where two young men who took the wrong exit were brutally murdered by a group of animals who actually identifies with the palestinian spirit) as if it's something they should be proud of. Yes, shocking, truly sad that the same arab countries that claim to care about the palestinians provide them with less financial help than The US does, and what does the USA get in return? it gets people cheering on the streets on 9/ gets palstinians burning their flags with so called peaceful activisits who are a shame for humanity.

I am not being objective as well I know, But I simply seek to see a certain balance as proper to a website that pretains to be propeace, Again as I said, no side is perfect, and this is a very complicated conflict, but many are misinformed, and still consider themselves to be knowledgeable on this subject, although they do not realize that its their own bias that prevents the Israelis from making peace with the Arab world. Maybe if the Oil seeking Europeans and Americans would butt out for a change, we could reach a resolution. Cause Gd knows if it was up to me, Id say the heck with borders, the heck with names, the heck with religion, we're all equal, let's enjoy living in this beautiful world Gd gave us TOGETHER.


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