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author: Shirl

I read some of the responses here...and let me just say my mouth dropped open @ some of the things some people here said.

Unfortunately, most of you have never been to Israel or Palestine as you would like to call it. You are all basing your assumptions on specific media you choose to be exposed to, and let me just say it doesn't impress anyone. I dont think anyone has the right to judge Israel nor the Palestinians, simply because you dont know shi* about what's going on there. It's amazing how y'all think you have it all figured out. But sadly, all you do is incite against both sides, which doen't help anyone. People who name themselves as "Pacifists" or as "Peace lovers" should behave according to its definition. As a peace loving person, one should promote his agenda with a more peaceful way, instead of calling Israelis occupires, or Palestinians terrorists( and by that excuse antiSemitism)

Y'all focus only on who's right ad who is wrong, instead of realizing that it not the point. The point is, that both sides are suffering, and we should act to change that. A Pacifist would never generalize about Israelis nor Palestinians. Unfortuneately what I see is people not trying to help those who are suffering, the people who lost their loved-ones, the people who lost the only home they've ever known, and there are plenty of those ON BOTH SIDES, like it or not. Yet what I see is people attacking specific sides, instead of trying and looking for a solution that will benefit both.

Only a few of you are true peace lovers, but the rest are brainwashed people, who would like to live in a bubble and create their own nice world, where there is evil and good, which gets us nowhere.

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