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The World Is Watching
author: Jim

We salute the activists who are giving their time to defend human and civil rights. We condemn you detention and ill treatment by the Israeli authorities.

The world is watching and we are cheering you on for the brave work that you do on behalf of the Palestinian people. Just like those who opposed the actions of the Nazis in the 1940s you now face a powerful, racist, brutal force which respects little in the way of human rights or international law.

The world is watching. Justice will prevail. If the state of Israel continues on the path of brutality and does not abide by international law then perhaps the international community will take back that which it granted to Israel out of pity in the 1940s.

Take down the racist Apartheid wall. Remember Berlin, remember South Africa. Dismantle the settlements. End the occupation. Allow the refugees to return. There can be no peace without justice. The world is watching. We support those who are fighting for peace and justice.

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