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Mashca UpdateWednesday 06 Aug 2003
author: Rona - Indy

Mascha Update

Today at about 13:45 in the afternoon a group of 24 Israeli peace activists got to Mascha in order to non-violently attempt to stop work on the 'aparthide wall' which if built as planned will effectively corner the Amer family's home between two different walls, one on Mascha's side and the other Elkana. To both prevent work and show non-violence the activists sat on the ground, however, soon soldiers arrived and arrested them. The group, which includes an AP photographer was detained, has since been arrested and charged with preventing IDF activities. They are expected to stay the night in jails, probably Neve Tirtsa and Abu Kabir.

The AP photographer is: Muhammad Darwish.

The group is: Dror Boymail, Aya Zamir, Guy Sahar, Yosi Bartet (who's been released), Giora Katsin, Nil Yavor, Yonatan Pollack, Yael Ben-Gigi, Dalit Baum, Nimrod Keret, Karin Levi, Keren Balah, Dana Rothchild, Liad Kanterovicz, Matan Ben Moore, Shelly Nativ, Ori Ayalon, Reut Katz, Yoni Cohen, Tea Gold, Moshe Grushka, Neama Nagar, and Israel Falka.

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