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Israli Reaction Denotes Israeli Fear
author: Jordan From Canada

ISM represents meaningful, peaceful Resistance,

something which cannot be "spun" for political

gain the way suicide bombings have been.

This, coupled with their demomstrated ability to

expose Israeli actions and brutality, threatening

Israeli "aid" payments and "loans" (billions of

which find their way into Israel's nuclear,

chemical, and biological weapons programs, as

opposed to any sort of social structure

benefitting the average Israeli) is the reason

Israel and its Zionist Extremist supporters

worldwide have engaged in this campaign of

Slander, Libel, and direct Repression (As in the

case of the murder of Rachel Corrie - a War

Crime) against the group.

Goldberg is just a part of this, repeating old

lies, and doing what he's been told to do.

This demonstrates Israel's fear of allowing

honest, peaceful, reasonable, non-Extremist

voices into the conflict, as well as the

knowledge that what they are doing is morally


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