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A realist is NOT a terrorist
author: Debi

Reading the comments on this page, it is no wonder the conflict has gone on for so long.... 99% of all the Israeli people commenting seem to be a scary combination of arrogant and ignorant, in addition to followers of the infamous Bush theory "You are either with us or against us".

They cant seem to accept the fact that rational, decent human beings don't like bullies...... It's pure and simple - nothing more, nothing less. People don't like bullies at schools, at work or occupying a country, whether it be South Africa or Palestine.

In February 2 million people marched in London, England for Iraq and at least 75% of them were also carrying banners against the occupation of Palestine. Are you trying to say that all those people are terrorists as well?

Maybe those who think that all peace activists are terrorists, should spend just one day living on the other side of the fence. And let them experience the humiliation, inconvenience and just plain hatred that normal men, women and children have to experience everyday.

No, I am not with the ISM or an activist.... I simply don't like bullies or cowards, who feel the only way to get what they want is by bullying. And yes, I did experience the humiliation,inconvenience and hatred myself when I was there last year for a 2 week holiday. From taking 5 hours to travel a 10 minute journey in 42 degrees, to not being allowed in to various towns to 4 hours of complete degredation at the airport when I left.... And my crime? I visited friends who lived on the wrong side of the fence!

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