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Too bad
author: John Veldhuis

Too bad not all Israeli's are like Goldberg or Slamdan.

To advocate the destruction of the state of Israel would make real sense, then... Too bad there are nice, humane Israeli's.

But how to save Israel from this settler gang?

I have no answer, besides that the people of Israel should start to understand that keeping on with protecting the settlers is counterproductive for both Israels economy and security.


do we really have to wait for an Israeli F.W. de Klerk,

do we really have to wait for a Palestinian Nelson Mandela?

I am afraid the existance of such people even would make no difference anymore.

What (maybe) could help now is the US recognition that "Israel security" does not equal "settler security", and that really all the money that Israel spends on them gets deducted from the funding Israel is getting from the US.

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