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Pro-Palestinian AND Pro-Peace
author: Jim from Australia

Whats wrong with being pro-Palestinian? I was pro-African-American in the civil rights struggle. I was pro-ANC in the struggle against Apartheid. I was pro-East Timorese in their struggle against Indonedian occupation, pro-Irish in their struggle against British occupation and pro-Tibetan in their struggle against Chinese occupation. I have never advocated violence but I recognize the right of an occupied, oppressed and subjugated people to resist brutal occupation.

Dismantle the settlements, tear down the wall, end the occupation, leave Palestinians to form their own sovereign state and allow the refugees to rightfully return to the place of their birth. Then and only then will the state of Israel be given legitimacy by the international community.

P.S. The only war heros in Israel are the ones who have refused to serve in the territories. We think of them often.

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