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author: Mutter

Sorry but you can't reject Goldberg.

In many ways, he enters this stream the least deluded of our zany zionists.

Maybe we could sell him to science for a THICKNESS of the brain study, but he is here in dialogue and that is of some value.

It's simply NOT your land, Goldberg.

And Israel can not bully it away and expect to live in peace.

The olive trees are not your olive trees.

The water is not your water.

Peace requires acting peacefully and NOT taking away the homes nor the men women and children who live there.

Your grandchildren's future safety depends upon THAT and ONLY that.

Your way has not worked. It is time to find better way

Nor, should you make little of those who have a better than the daily threat.

They are the hope of your granchildren.

The stakes are high and YOU have much too much to lose in going down fighting for a facist state. Yes, you can nuke 'em but you nuke you grandchildren as well.

Because of YOU, your enemy has much much less to lose...almost nothing.

Upon THAT very dangerous premise kingdoms have been lost and in this you are a Fool; being played the further Fool by your political allegiance to violence.

YOU are expendable to your politick. Join us in peace and be worth more. Give higher value to all children, including YOUR children.

Israel should willingly bulldoze all illegal Israeli settlements and/or pay rent and Israel should do this FOR your grandchildren and future grandchildren.


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