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Goldberg = Hamas
author: ISM Supporter

For Goldberg, its a war, and all Palestinians are the enemy, because Arabs will never accept the existance of Israel (Apparently we are to leave aside the existing peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt, and the Saudi/Arab proposal for a comprehensive peace).

To Hamas, its a war, and all Israelis are acceptable targets. The Zionists will never allow Palestinians to live in peace on their own land.

The two are mirror images of one other. The other side is the enemy, with no distinctions. Each blames the other for its own violence, saying it is compelled to such actions by the violence of the other side.

Neither is able to see the complexity or humanity of the other side. Each perpetuates the violence, only seeing hope in the complete destruction of the other.

It's sad, but true.

Let's all reject Goldberg and Hamas, recognize one anothers' humanity, and continue to work together, nonviolently - Palestinians, Israelis and internationals - to take down the wall, end the occupation and build a common future that is both peaceful and just, for Palestinians and Israelis, for Muslims, Jews and Christians.

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