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Goldberg is a Propagandist and Dupe
author: ISM Supports Justice and Peace

The thread thoughout Goldberg's writing is that anything related to Palestinian = Terrorist, therefore ISM = terrorist, or ISM = terrorist propagandist or dupe.

Goldberg is unable to understand or admit that intelligent, principled, committed people could have valid objections to Israeli policies that they choose to act on, nonviolently. Instead he demonizes all Palestinians, and then all ISMers as dupes and propagandists.

ISMers are for peace, peace with justice. As one person just wrote: "Now maybe you define peace as making sure every Israeli can live comfortable and forget the fact that they have abused and driven people from thier land and homes "because god told us we could." But the people I know who sit in Ariel believed in peace, true peace for all people... and sniper towers have never been a recipe for peace." We don't support the kind of peace that some advocate, which is equivalent to subjugation, dominance and crushing Palestinian rights.

ISM is working closely with Israelis and Israeli groups, as is clear from reading about those involved and arrested. We are able to see the complexity of Israeli society and recognize that not all Israelis support or even understand what their government is doing as it builds a wall miles from the Green Line through palestinian villages and farmland to annex the settlements and render a true peace impossible.

Unfortunately, Goldberg is unable or incapable of seeing similar complexity, of recognizing the humanity of the other side. Since he views every Palestinian as a terrorist, those who work non-violently against the injustice of the Wall are guilty simply by association with Palestinians.

Goldberg's way of stereotyping entire people's and groups is racist, a form of racism that we should all speak out against, whether it is committed by Israelis, Palestinians or internationals.

The only unanswered question is whether Goldberg has been willfully duped into holding these views, or is a victim of a larger system of propaganda. But Goldberg is very clearly a propagandist for a system of oppression.

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