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author: ISMer

Good morning !

It's a rather big leap in logic (or rather illogic) to conclude that ISM aids those who want to destroy Israel. It's a nice card to try and pull out. But it's completely false.

As for vilifying Israel, as I said, we are merely telling people what is happening inside the West Bank and Gaza Strip. We don't have to make anything up, because, unfortunately, Israel's soldiers and settlers do quite enough to vilify themselves. Occupation and settlement are corrupting (as you seem to recognize) and Israel has been corrupted.

We are not the one's who decided to build a Wall inside the Green Line and cut off hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land, and seize yet more Palestinian land. We are not the one's controlling 41.9% of the West Bank (B'Tselem) and 40% of Gaza with settlements, and continuing settlement growth at a rapid pace !

We are not the ones who have demolished 10,000 Palestinian homes since 1967, and 3,000 since 2001, most of that simply to acquire more land.

We're just presenting the facts. As the world knows about suicide bombings, they should know about occupation, settlements and human rights abuses.

And we aren't the one's who decide to respond to non-violent civilians with tear gas, sound bombs, batons, bullets and bulldozers. Sadly, those are choices made by Israeli soldiers. Israeli soldiers wouldn't look so bad to the world if they didn't do these things to civilians.

I agree bridges need to be built. The Israelis I see building the bridges are from Ta'ayush, Gush Shalom, Rabbis for Human Rights, Israeli Committee Against House Demolition, Bat Shalom, Machsum Watch, Courage to Refuse, etc. (forgive me anyone for forgetting some of you). They are out their with the Palestinians every day, showing courage, making wonderful gestures, building bridges and working non-violently for peace and justice. We work closely with them. The more Israelis that work with those groups, the sooner there will be peace.

Why don't you consider joining them as they build bridges ?

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