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Root cause of conflict
author: LSM

This conflict existed long before the 67 occupation.

Root cause is that two national movements want the same land.

There are those, in each side, who are willing to compromise.

There are extremists, on both sides, who rather fight a "winner takes all" war until the other side disappears.

Part of this war is faught with violence, parts of it is faught with propaganda.

All I said above is true to both sides.

As for ISM - it choose to be part of one side propaganda campaign to help those extremists in the Palestinian camp who want to get rid of Israel all together.

If ISM were truly a pro-peace (not an anti-Israel) movement it would speak and act to stop violence FROM BOTH SIDES.

BTW, the issue is not an academic debate about "root cause" - the real issue is how to end the conflict. The ISM is not contributing to this att all. Part of ending the conflict is healing, acceptance of the other, compromise etc... - The ISM has done NOTHING to build bridges between Palestinians and Israelis, but it has done a lot to vilify the image of Israel in both the view of the world and more importantly in the eyes of Palestinians.

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