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author: ISMer

LSM, you are right that foreigners and Israelis tried to tear down the fenceat Anin. But if they did that without the encouragement of the community of Anin, they would have violated the principles on which ISM functions and makes decisions. We all know that Palestinians need to make these decisions because they live with the consquences not us. I expect they did it with Anin's agreement and encouragement.

Its all very nice to say that lists are being drawn up so that people will access their land in August and for the olive harvest. Clearly, the community of Anin was frustrated with the process, which is why they asked for the help of ISM and Israelis to make their point.

Sorry LSM, but worldwide experience shows that there is no such thing as a humane occupation, and there is no way to humanely enclose people in pens, shutting them off from their land. Palestinians may not always express this anger and frustration to Israeli soldiers, because they feel they can't. But they hate applying for permits for everyhting that they do, and they now hate applying for permits to reach their own land, and having Israeli soldiers make decisions about their lives. And the Israeli soldiers add to this by abusing these theoretically legal and humane systems that you all believe are being implemented, and the soldiers abuse the Palestinians.

Occupation has never worked and it will never work. You seem to have lost track of your previous point that the Wall should not be on Palestinian land, and are now back to defending an absurd Gate system.

You have developed wonderful systems of denial to avoid confronting what your occupation does and has been doing for the last 36 years to other human beings.

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