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ISM message, for PR purposes
author: Slamdan

From the mouths of the ISM:

"We don't take a position on whether that need be through a single state or two states, Israel and Palestine. That is for the parties to decide in accordance with international law. What is important to us is that, whether the outcome is one state or two states, that all citizen's human rights be respected: Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian, etc., ending dominance and privelege." - Sure, as long as it is one Arab state.

"All ISM marches are planned as completely peaceful. If some Palestinians began throwing rocks, I am certain this was in conflict with the Palestinian and international leaders' wishes, plans and instructions." - Nice PR, but it doesn't match the facts on the ground.

"When this happens, it is in conflict with the instructions of the Palestinian and international leadership, and we make every effort to stop it." - Yeah the next time will be the first.

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