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You've got a few issues confused. ISM is continually negotiating. However, when soldiers refuse peoples' right to reach their land after repeated negotiations, we attempt to continue with non-violent action and seize that right.

If you read the press statements carefully about places like Anin and Deir Laghsun you will find that Palestinians and ISMers attempted discussion with soldiers many times, but with no success. The farmers were not allowed access to their land over long periods of time. At that point a larger peaceful demonstrations were held.

This is how the site for a march is typically chosen. Farmers request that ISM join them because they have tried neogotiation many times and it has failed. ISM does not push communities to do these things because the communities have to live with the consequences, and they know that. The farmers decide to do this when they have reached the point of giving up on all other alternatives.

So you have things backwards. Negotiations usually come before a peaceful march. Also, typically during the marches there are opportunities that are taken to negotiate with the soldiers.

You are imagining scenarios with no understanding of what is happening on the ground.

Far more bizarre is your comparison of ISM with Kach, Hamas, etc..

Yes, I, like many Palestinians and Israelis want no Wall. I believe that the issues can be resolved through good faith negotiation and that a Wall is a failure and not necessary. I would rather see the Wall torn down through a massive peaceful movement rejecting Walls, occupation and violence and choosing common humanity. But I agree with what many others have said on this issue, if there is no choice but to have a Wall, it must be on the Green Line, or if Israel is building it unilaterally, on the Israeli side.

Again, the cause of the growing mobilization of the Wall is its LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION .. The Wall is being used as yet another excuse to seize more Palestinian land. This is why so many people around the world are rallying to the issue, and this movement is only going to grow. Get that into your collective heads, and do something about it if you object to the location.

ISM supports the implementation of all relevant UN resolutions for the resolution of the conflict. We don't take a position on whether that need be through a single state or two states, Israel and Palestine. That is for the parties to decide in accordance with international law. What is important to us is that, whether the outcome is one state or two states, that all citizen's human rights be respected: Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian, etc., ending dominance and privelege.

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