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author: ISMer

You seem to be referring to events yesterday in Deir Laghsun where some rocks were thrown. There have been no press reports of rock throwing in Anin.

Whether olive groves or vegetables, in neither place is there any excuse for not putting the Wall on the Green Line. Why don't you address that issue ?

In both Deir Laghsun and Anin farmers are being prevented from passing through gates to access their land. And this is what is occurring throughout the West Bank.

It's a nice theoretical and PR statement that farmers will pass through the gates to reach their land that you can content yorself from far away, but we all knew that gates were likely to pose many problems, and now farmers are experiencing that they are not allowed through the gates to their land. It always sounds so nice, legal and justified, but on the ground you find it is anything but that.

LSM, the gate idea make for nice PR, but the gates are not functioning. So your argument is invalid.

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