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More Stupdity
author: ISMer

Furthermore, all ISM marches are planned as completely peaceful. If some Palestinians began throwing rocks, I am certain this was in conflict with the Palestinian and international leaders' wishes, plans and instructions.

What I have experienced on a few other occasions is that Israeli soldiers unleash sound bombs, tear gas and rubber-coated bullets into the crowd, and then some Palestinian youths respond with rocks. When this happens, it is in conflict with the instructions of the Palestinian and international leadership, and we make every effort to stop it. Even though the Israeli military attempts to provoke rock throwing with violence, ISM attempts to maintain a non-violent stance.

Finally, tearing down an illegitimate Wall that is preventing people from accessing their own private property is considered non-violent civil disobedience in the traditions of Ghandi and Martin Luther King. It does not harm to people or any living thing. There was a very interesting exchange on this topic on this page a few days ago that LSM would benefit from reading.

LSM, if the Wall was on the Green Line, you know what ? Though many Palestinians and Israelis would be unhappy, all this would not be happening. So the problem is not the Palestinians or ISM, and attempts at peaceful marches, the problem lies with continued efforts at land theft and disregard for basic human rights by the Israeli government and people.

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