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LSM is Stupid
author: ISMer

I am almost certain from my visits their that the land in Deir Laghsun that farmers are being prevented from reaching is not olive groves. It is for vegetables. In any case, even if it was olive groves, farmers need to reach olive groves year round for maintenance work, not just at harvets time.

And in all these cases, regardless, Palestinian farmers have a legal right to reach and work their land.

It amazes me how people who lack any understanding of the situation are so willing to make comments on it as if they do (for example, this continual and strange assertion about the olive harvest).

It also amazes me that people can be so willing to decide that they can arbitrarily limit Palestinians right to reach their own land. It is exactly this type of blatant disregard for basic human rights that has allowed Israeli to go on with occupation and land left for 36 years. And we should not be surprised that this disregard for basic human rights fuels Palestinian anger.

There is absolutely no explanation for why the Israeli government did not put then Wall on the Green Line at Deir Laghsun, other than land and water theft.

Next time you might consider writing about subjects you know something about.

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