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non-violence just ain't what it used to be
author: Ben

If the ISM is committed to peace, why don't they just say it? Because that's not their manin goal.

they are committed to an aggressive, destructive form of non-violence that is not concerned about anything other than Palestinian interests.

If they were committed to peace, they wouldn't hold protests at parts of the fence that are on the green line. Why would a person committed to peace oppose a security measure on the border that helps prevent people getting killed? And if there is protest to the fence being built in areas over the green line, wouldn't someone working for peace acknowledge the Israeli security concern (which the Israeli public certainly has), and offer solutions that address that concern and allow the fence to be removed?

ISMers can't be called peace workers because they don't care if they create holes in the fence and subsequently people get killed. What steps are they taking to ensure that doesn't happen? What steps are they taking to address the overall security concern in Israel that is a vital part of reaching an agreement?

They are active for the Palestinians, using the tool of an angry, self-rightous non-violence. But they are not working for peace.

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