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Hands off the Abnaa el Balad
author: Savas Michael (

On behalf of the Coordinating Committee of the Balkan Socialist Center "Christian Rakovsky", we express our unger for the arrests and the witch hunt against the comrades of Abnaa el Balad and we demand that they are released immediately.

We know, admire and support these comrades as dedicated fighters for all the national and social rights of the Palestinian people as well as supporters of a grass root unity in struggle of Palestinian and Jewish workers and poor against the common enemy, Zionism, imperialism and capitalism..

We call all the workers' and popular organizations and movements in Greece, Turkey, all over the Balkans and the region as well as the international workers movement to denounce this new criminal and arrogant action of Israeli Zionist State terrorism and launch an international campaign of solidarity in defense of Abnaa el Balad and the Palestinian people.

Savas Michael- Matsas

General Secretary of the CC of EEK ( Workers Revolutionary Party) of Greece

on behalf of EEK and of the Coordinating Committee of the Balkan Socialist Center "Christian Rakovsky"

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