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No Sympathy for Sons of the Village
author: disappointed leftie

I remember attending a Naqba commemorative march in the Galilee on Independence Day. A small group was chanting something along the lines of 'go Hizbullah, send rockets and drive the Zionists away.' My daughter asked me who the Zionists were.

Our Arab host got red in the face and explained that we were - even though we aren't Zionists. It's code for 'Jews.' Later on these folks booed when Jewish speakers got up to express thier solidarity with Palestinians and support the defence of refugee rights, etc. This then, was Ibnaa al-Bilad. People so nutty they are marginal even within Balad.

Why is there no statement disavowing support for suicide bombers and Hamas? The incitement to violence, to children yet, is awful, and the police are right to investigate it. True, many more Jews are guilty of this; Instead of helping to free the village people, let's demand more active prosecution of Jewish extremists. A better use of energy, for sure.

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